Willow Moon #13322

Matted, canvas, & super high gloss prints available. Questions?


The Story

A moonlit willow tree in silhouette, a view of nature’s beauty in the disappearing light of a clear Fall day. There’s a full moon and stars high above in that clear blue sky. Underneath, the disappearing daylight departs to darkness as a warm yellow-orange glow on the western horizon. The lake water repeats it. Faint dull pink clouds lie low.

This is an old and tall willow tree with many curving branches, and the long thin hanging streamers of the weeping willow that carry its leaves have all gone bare. With this picture, it’s just as clear as the sky…another season has ended and winter has almost begun. The other obvious seasonal reminder is the cool crisp air that grows colder every moment as the sun set below the horizon.

A late evening tree in silhouette against an appealing sunset sky can be very dramatic and beautiful. Here’s another taken in springtime called Black Lace #02304 with a purple and pink sunset in a maze of branches as black shadows.

Location: Blair County, Pennsylvania.

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