Winter Hill #11163

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The Story

Here lies a scenic winter hill covered in snow and plentiful sunshine. But what is not easily noticed is this entire winter landscape is covered in a thick coating of clear ice, most noticeable on the limbs and dried leaves of the oak tree.

The glistening ice was from an overnight rain that froze immediately as it landed on anything. Usually, that kind of quick-freezing ice is the clearest and totally see-through. It was almost half an inch thick and also froze thicker if the rain had tried to flow and drip from things.

With that interesting little weather event, this winter hill covered in snow made a slightly more interesting thing to photograph. Naturally, the leading lines of the horse pasture fence and the uphill perspective of the trees both pull the eye through the scene. In this winter landscape view, I really enjoy the blue and white and sunshine all together.

And as an FYI, it was I who built that horse fence through my time working at a horse boarding stable, digging postholes and stringing the lines.

Location: Carrolltown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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