Wishing Well #13063

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The Story

I’d bet you’ve never seen a wishing well like this one. What makes it a wishing well? For one, all the pennies in the picture have the word LUCKY stamped into them. Then they were photographed while lying on a photo print of water, another image of mine. Lucky pennies in water surely make a wishing well for good luck, and everyone needs a lucky charm.

This abstract art piece was photographed in the studio with the camera pointed straight down and the subject under continuous lighting. What you see here was all done in one shot, just one click of the shutter…there are no Photoshop tricks used at all other than normal image processing. The technique to get to this picture is just an old but cool photography trick using water droplets on a pane of glass. Nothing too fancy.

I really enjoy the vivid blue with the saturated copper color of the new pennies, as well as the complete floating randomness of it all. Taken as a whole, this abstract wishing well picture makes a wonderful visual splash with a lot of interest. Later, I tried the same kind of shot using clear Karo syrup drops instead of water droplets. Once, haha.

Location: in the studio in Altoona, PA. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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