Zombie Gas Pump #14121

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The Story

This old gas pump sits outside an abandoned garage overgrown by vines and a leafless bush in this late winter shot. All the rusty mechanical works inside can be seen. Because of the enveloping green foliage, hardly any of this door and pump can be seen in high summer. This overly rustic scene lies half a mile up from the hard road on a dead-end farm lane that can only be accessed on foot.

The land and the rest of the farm buildings there are administered and monitored by the state. Not surprisingly, my only company was Mother Nature and a few nosy raccoons. If something had happened to me up in there, the skeleton wouldn’t have been found until summer.

This extensive bush covers most of the building with pervasive branches going everywhere. One of them has gone through the back of the gas pump, up through and out the top! It’s almost as if the bush itself is holding up the leaning pump, keeping it upright like some sort of zombie. The pump is pretty darned dead but the bush lives on…

Location: way back in the woods, Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story ©Andrew N Dierks

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