This basketball court is inside a semi-abandoned out of service public high school in Pennsylvania which closed in the early eighties. It has been left to fade away but for the efforts of one man attempting to turn it into a community center in an old anthracite coal town that itself is fading away. Being such a large building to rehab, there’s only so much one person can achieve, and the gymnasium isn’t high on the fix-it list. Or high on the cleaning list for that matter. I wanted to create a shot with a very worn basketball found laying around the gym and have it in the shot with the backboard and hoop. I laid on the extremely dirty floor with a wide angle lens to get this one, and shot it several different ways while rolling around on my belly and sides. I stood up with a brand new layer of fine flour-like dirt from head to toe, and dusted the funk off with my hands into a hanging cloud of dust in the still air. Pig Pen reborn!

I’m Andy Dierks from Altoona, which lies in the center of Pennsylvania, yet these website galleries hold images from 22 different states. There are travels past, and more are yet to be…come and ride along.

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