photographer Andy Dierks with his camera, at a crossroads in the forest

Hello, I’m Andy, a storyteller, photographer & traveler.

My work often speaks for itself, but when I have more to say, you’ll find it here.

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Professional Photographer in Altoona PA

Would you like to come along with a pro photographer? I have a natural rambling jones and a creative eye, and you’re welcome to follow along on the journey through the images and stories. I share them with you in many flavors here, but they spring mainly from nostalgia, the presence of history, railroading, the beauty of the horse, and a deep love for the land and all things natural. I’m passionate about the environment and I can’t seem to stay out of cool old junkyards or a horse barn.

You might easily see things in my portfolio that are out of the ordinary. I purposely try not to show you what a photographer working in fine art is expected to do, which is certainly more fun and interesting for the both of us!

If you find a compelling image with a good story that strikes home, you can have it rendered on metal, matted metallic papers, or on canvas. I’ve sold thousands of prints and wall hangings into homes and offices across the eastern US in my long art show career. Creating things for interested people to have and enjoy is one of the things I like to do, and perhaps you can let in a little artistic light to your daily living with some of these images.

In my career, I’ve also provided a lot of commercial and stock photography for magazines, calendars, books, and websites which have been published around the world, but that’s a different field of view than what I offer you here. You have likely seen some of my work in your reading both on and offline without knowing it. Some of those stock pictures are far more traveled than I am!

I’m Andy Dierks from Altoona, which lies in the center of Pennsylvania, yet these website galleries hold images from 22 different states. There are travels past here, and more are yet to be…so come along as I shoot, write, and ramble.

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